Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beauty Trend - Color

The latest beauty trend in color cosmetics is just that....Color!!! More and more cosmetics lines are featuring their products with bright colors like orange, yellow, gold, green, and blue. Our focus today is on the color Blue.

Suggestions of Illusions Products:

1) Sky Blue Eyedust

2) Mysterious Eyedust (dark blue)

3) Black on Blue eye pencil

Suggestions On How To Wear:

1) Sky blue eyedust on the lid

2) Mysterious in the crease

3) Black on Blue eye pencil on the lower eyelid

4) Steel or Black gel eyeliner on upper lid (fine line close to the lashes)

5) Lots of black mascara


Wear color wisely!!! Always apply the color in layers so that you are not using too much at one time.

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