Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Week

"Eyebrow Threading"- Most people are used to shaving,waxing, and tweezing any unwanted hair. The idea of 'threading' hair to remove it is fairly new to some people. I was first introduced to eyebrow threading back in 1998 when I attended Aesthetics school. The first time my brows were threaded, I didn't really like it because it pinched a little. After a few more times, I was used to it.
Threading is a proven age-old form of facial hair removal practiced in India, the Middle East and China. The procedure uses a 100% cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along the skin surface of unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle. As the facial hair is removed, only a slight pinch is felt.
Threading is a natural alternative to shaving (the use of any type of razor), waxing, laser, tweezing, and depilatories when ridding yourself of facial hair. Any skin rashes and or irritations are avoided when threading. Eyebrow threading has become so popular now that there are 'threading' salons popping up in a few cities across the country. The average cost of a threading service is $15. If you are not aware of where this service is offered in your area, you can try 'Epicare', a threading device that works with a two step process: bend and roll.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Great info, thanks.
The illusions cosmetics t shirt is adorable.
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Beauty Talk With Illusions said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm curious as to what you were watching when you thought you saw one of us. I always have to think about it when people say they saw one of us on tv. Was it 'My Super Sweet Sixteen'??
Oh, illusions t-shirts are for sale. Let us know if you are interested (info@illusionsbeauty.com).