Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Week

"Applying Makeup for Your Face Shape"

Deep Set Eyes

I recently made up the CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation. She was mid-fifties with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She's a very attractive woman who wears very natural and close to no makeup at all. We were working on a commercial for the Georgia lottery so of course she needed to wear a little more makeup than she was used to. When I noticed her eyes, I knew what my next beauty tip would be. She had 'deep-set' eyes. I used a white eyeshadow allover her entire eye. On her lid and slightly into her crease, I applied a medium toned purple eyeshadow. I applied a dark brown gel eyeliner (Illusions Cosmetics gel liner in Chocalate) very close to her lashline and then I applied two coats of black mascara. Underneath her eye, I applied a medium brown colored pencil. It worked out perfectly without making her eyes appear too deep-set.

TIP: Avoid dark colors and apply a highlighter color to the brow bone to bring the eyes "forward". Steer clear of lining the 'inner' rim of the eyes as this will make them seem more recessed.

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