Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Week

"Applying Makeup For Your Face Shape"

Round Face

A round face shape definately describes my face shape. At least, that's what I think. Round faces are uniform in size. They have no angular features. Full cheeks also characterizes 'round' faces.

TIP: To make a round face narrower, apply contour/shading under the cheekbone, on the jawline, and above the brow bone. Also, applying highlight on the sides and tip of the nose will make the face narrower as well.


Erika said...

I have a round face, too! Cute site :)

Beauty Talk With Illusions said...

Thanks for the comment Erika! Come back and check us out soon! Thanks again! be Beautiful & Blessed!!

-Denise & Janice (Illusions Cosmetics)

Coco said...

Nice blog. Your beauty tips are very helpful and I personally am all about the contouring. Please drop by and check out my blog when you get a chance! Happy New Year!