Monday, February 09, 2009

Beauty Tip Of The Week

"Choosing Makeup For Your Skin Tone"

White Skin Tones

White skin tones are those Caucasion women in the US, Europe, and other areas of the world, especially the colder climates. Bright makeup colors a very obvious on paler skin tones. When applying those bright colors, 'less is more'. Apply a little at a time and then build to your 'color comfort level'.

Eyes: Pink eyeshadows work well on white skin tones. Be careful of the orange and coral shadows. They may tend to appear a little red depending on pink/red undertones in your skin. Eyes on white skin are often enhanced by using eyeliners. Some great colors are black, greens, grays, navy, and violet depending on your eye color.

Lips: Most colors work well, just make sure that you are not using too much. Apply your color and blot your lips at least once before completing your makeup.

Blush: Pink and tawny blushes are the best for this skin tone. They give a more natural look.

These are all suggestions. Feel free to use what you think looks best on you. Listed below are some suggestions of Illusions products for White skin tones:

Eyes:Sunshine eyeshadow, soft rose eyedust
Lips: Carmen, Honey (from Cinematic Faves Lustre Lipgloss) and Drew from the new 'Young Hollywood Lustre lipgloss collection.

Blush: Natural and Pink ice

If you like the tips and need help in choosing makeup colors, comment on this blog , email us at or call us at 310-748-3489.

Be Beautiful & Blessed!!

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