Monday, February 16, 2009

Beauty Tip Of The Week

" Choosing Makeup for Your Skin Tone"

" Asian Skin" (Far East - Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

There is no mystery as to the understones to Asian women. Asian skin is characterized by it's yellow undertones. When choosing a foundation, make sure it's 'yellow'. Because of the very specific yellow tones to Asian skin, certain colors prove to give the skin its best natural appearance. Overall, browns and other warm colors are best for the yellow based skin tones. For the eyes, Asian women can't go wrong with browns, corals, coppers, and plums with a little dark brown liner. For lips, browns and reds are always safe. If you have light Asian skin, pinks and tawny lipsticks may be more appropriate. For fun, try bright colors like, yellow, greens, turquoise, and pinks. Take a look at some suggestions of Illusions colors for Asian skin.

Face - foundation sticks in IC03 (for light Asian skin), IC04, IC06, IC07
Blush - Safari, Ginger
Eyes - Celebrity, Coconut, Rapture
Lips - Champayne Rose Lipstick, Matador Red Lipstick

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