Friday, April 24, 2009

Ask Illusions

Ask Illusions:


Hi Denise,

I did my research and discovered you were the makeup artist on the set of 'atl.' :)

I have loooved makeup my whole life and have really enjoyed playing with colors and looks over the years. I am a true, true makeup connoiseur :)
I have a four year old now and as much as I'd love to glam up each day, I have less and less time to do my face each morning.
could you please tell me what products you used on lauren london to create her beautifully natural makeup look in the movie 'Atl' (brands and shades)? I am especially interested in knowing what you used on her lips, ie. liners and glosses, eye makeup, etc...

Thank You So Much :)



Hi Kiki! Thanks for reaching out to me. I used my products from my cosmetics line Illusions Cosmetics ( As far as base/foundation on her face, I hate to admit it, but we used Bare Minerals powder. I forget the colors. Mineral makeup is not great for film. Bare Minerals had a lot of shimmer in it. I had to use powder from my line to remove some of the shimmer (without Lauren knowing :-)). Lauren wanted to use the Bare Minerals, but that was her first movie so she didn't really know what was good for film or not. She just knew that she liked Bare Minerals and wanted to use it. Some of the colors from my line that I used were: lips- Nectar, Tropical (these colors are very sheer). Blush - pink ice, azaleaEyes - ladies night, Prissy, sunshine, peach ice (one of these colors were used on most days depending on the scenes). Some days other colors may have been used depending on her wardrobe in a particular scene. I hope this helps.

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