Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty Tip of The Week

There are quite a few women (mostly women of color) who are burdened with trying to figure out how to lighten their dark underarms. In order to do this, we must consider the source. Here are a few reasons for dark armpits:

1) Uric acid (from sweat)
2) Dark, thick shaved hairs beneath the skin (shaved hairs are removed from the top of the follice and not beneath)
3) Certain brands of deodarants & antiperspirants
4) Buildup of dead skin cells

Tip: To lighten underarm area, wax and do not shave. Waxing will remove the entire hair from the follicle and will not leave visible hair underneath the skin. Exfoliating dead skin cells will also aid in the lightening process.

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