Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty Deal of The Week

Beauty Deal of The Week:

We have an exciting Blog Talk Radio show coming up this week on Thursday, May 14th with Essence Atkins. Our show on April 30th with The Makeup Girl (Lianne Farbes) was pretty exciting as well. Check it out at While you are there, take the time to rate the show, mark it as a favorite, and/or leave a comment. If you do, you will receive some great discounts. When you make your next Illusions purchase, take advantage of the following discounts:

1) rate the April 30th show and receive 50% off
2) mark the April 30th show as a favorite and receive 30% off
3) comment on the April 30th show and receive 10% off

Enjoy the show on Beauty Blogging with The Makeup Girl and join us again on May 14th at 9pm EST when we 'talk beauty' with Essence Atkins.

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