Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A New Favorite: Kaia Bamboo Facial Cloths

For those of us with sensitive skin, there is new facial cleansing cloth in town. Introducing the Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths from Kaia Naturals. Made out of 100% natural bamboo, these unbleached clothes can be used as an eye makeup remover, a toner, and a facial cleanser. The clothes are packed with some wonderful ingredients to include a blend of pure citrus oils, thats where the lovely fragrance comes from, Canadian honey, and sunflower seed oil. When I first tried them, I was attracted to the fragrance. Thats always the first step for me, if it doesn't smell nice, I am hesitant to try it. It has such a refreshing fragrance, very light, but nice. The cloths are very gentle on the skin which is also important to me, because if it doen't feel right, thats not going to work either. I"ve tried several makeup wipes on my clients, but now I have a new favorite which I will be using on my clients as well as myself. The bamboo facial cleansing cloths retail for $17.99 and there are 30 per pack. Check out http://www.kaianaturals.com/ for more information.

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