Thursday, October 22, 2009

Total Beauty Review - YSL Parisienne Fragrance

YSL Parisienne Fragrance

I was excited to receive the new YSL Parisienne fragrance in the mail. I wasn't as excited when I tried it on my skin. The rose scent was very nice, but it didn't last all day. Not only that, the rose scent did not smell as nice as it started to fade away. When it comes to fragrance, I tend to like vanilla and more subtle fragrances. Although this was subtle, I found it to be very 'loud'. For more reviews, click here...

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Kate Gene said...

In the middle of one of my magazines was an ad for this perfume. I thought the bottle was very pretty and the scent was pleasant. I went to Ulta and tried it out. Unfortunately, I had an experience similar to yours. I really didn't like the way it smelled after it started fading. :( It's nice to know I'm not the only one not jumping on the YSL boat! LOL!


Kate Gene