Sunday, December 06, 2009

Denise's must have products for film

Since working on Stomp The Yard 2, I've come to realize that there are some makeup products that I can't seem to work without when working on a film set. Here they are:
1)Skin Illustrator Dark Flesh tone Palette (I use as a waterproof foundation for those who are heavy sweaters. No touch ups necessary).
2) Skin Illustrator FX palette (great for creating sfx that won't rub off. Again no touch ups necessary).
3) Reel Dark Hair palette(great for covering gray hairs. If you want to create gray hair, try the Silver Reel palette).
4) 99% alcohol (a staple product for film and tv. It activates the makeup in the Skin Illustrator palettes and used in most Sfx work)
5) Illusions Cosmetics Black gel eye liner (A strong black for defining the eyes. Its also waterproof. Once applied, it doesn't rub off).
6) Lorac Brow wax in Brunette ( a personal favorite. It fills in eye brows with color as well as tame them with its gel).
Of course this list could be longer, but these products are my definite 'must haves'.
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