Monday, January 04, 2010

Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip

Many wonder how they can apply their makeup without them looking too made up. I will address this as simply as I can. Makeup should be worn according to your particular taste. To prevent a makeup application from looking too made up, one must apply, blend, and build. Regardless of what you are applying, eyeshadow, blush , or lipstick you need to go through the following:

1) Apply product

2) Blend product and stop to examine to see if the application is to your liking. If not, continue to step 3

3) Build product application by adding more product. After adding more product, go to step 2 and blend. Examine the application again and continue to step 3 if necessary.
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Kim @ said...

Thanks for the tips. I just hate that makeup application has to be so time consuming.