Friday, January 15, 2010

The Grooming Lounge with Marvin Church

We at Illusions Cosmetics are pleased to bring to you "The Grooming Lounge" with Marvin Church. Marvin will from time to time answer questions on grooming for our male followers. Now , a little info about Marvin. Marvin is known as "Marv the Barb" and for the past 20 years has been known as "a man of his craft". He is an Educator and Grooming Consultant. His work can be seen on numerous media and television productions and his celebrity clientele ranges from Stevie Wonder, Hill Harper, Brad Pitt, and Jay-Z to name a few. Help us welcome Marvin to "Beauty Talk" and check out his Male Grooming tips below:

Grooming Tips By "Marv the Barb":

1.Cleanse your face with a cleanser

2. Apply a hot towel to the face to moisten and relax the bearded areas

3.Massage the face with pre-shaving oil to soften your beard and protect the skin for a smoother shave

4. Apply warm shaving cream to the face

5.Apply razor to the face. Stroke with the grain of hair. If neccessary, relather the face for a second pass. For a perfect shave, always stretch the skin before shaving the bearded area

6.After shaving, apply a warm towel to remove any hair and shave cream residue

7. Apply an after shave lotion or balm to the cleaned shaved areas (Alcohol and grooming products that have alcohol properties are not skin healing. Alcohol dries the skin out. May cause bad irritation and a case of ingrown hairs)

8.Apply a cold towel to close the pores and lock in after shave balm

Note: (Always identify with the skin types before shaving face. If the skin has excessive skin irritation, consult a physician or dermatologist to determine if skin can be shaved)

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