Monday, March 08, 2010

Beauty Talk: Women's History Month

BT: Tell us about yourself and how you got started in the entertaining business.
TV: My name is Terri J. Vaughn, I got my first big break as Lovita on The Steve Harvey Show.  I started in this business while attending college.  I was actually going to school for advertising, but participated in a Miss Black California pageant, which I lost, but was asked to do my first acting job in a touring play titled, "Tellin' It Like It Tiz," by one of the judges.

BT: Tell us what you are working on now.
TV: I'm expanding my role on Meet the Browns to a series regular.  I'm also promoting my first film project under my production company, Nina Holiday Entertainment,  "Angels Can't Help But Laugh."  A documentary that celebrates the voices of 25 black actresses in Hollywood.  Continuing my work with at-risk girls through my non-profit, Take Wings Foundation.  And hopefully starting on a new film project this summer produced under Nina Holiday Entertainment. 

BT: How important is it to you that women are celebrated in Entertainment and or any other profession?
TV: Extremely!  Especially women of color.  We are far too often overlooked, as if we're not beautiful enough, talented enough, smart enough, and just not relevant enough to be recognized for our huge contributions to this world.
BT: If you could contribute to the advancement of women, what would you do?  
TV:  I would give women the courage to trust and follow their instincts.  We second guess ourselves so much.  It's just a lack of confidence in ourselves.
BT: What is Beauty to you?
TV: Being so confident in who you are from the inside out, that you are able to recognize and compliment the inside and outside beauty of others. 
Thank you Terri for taking the time to share with our followers.

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