Monday, March 15, 2010

Beauty Talk: Womens History Month

Our second Beautiful woman that we would like to highlight is none other than the Directress herself, Ms. Crystle Roberson.  We've known Crystle since 2005 and she continues to blossom into a woman to watch out for.  Here is what Crystle had to say.

BT: Introduce yourself (tell us who you are and when & how you started your career in the entertainment business).

CR:  I'm Crystle 'Clear' Roberson and I'm a filmmaker, I write and direct films, music videos, and commercials. I graduated with a BFA in Media/Televison in 2005 and have since been working non-stop in the film industry of Atlanta. I got started in the industry by simply, working for free. I made a personal sacrifice/investment in myself to learn from professionals and show them that I was worth taking a chance on.

BT: Tell us what you are working on now (ex: your projects: The Drop, The Snack Pack, etc).
CR: Most recently I directed a film entitled "The Drop", a true story about Marcus Engel who was robbed of his eyesight, at the young age of 18, by a drunk driver. I'm so excited that this film has been accepted in The Doorpost Film Competiton, and that Denise Tunnell of Illusions Beauty was my Head Makeup Artist ;)
I'm also directing weekly live improv/comedy shows. Imagine wrangling a room full of hilarious comedic genius' who are all high off jokes! LOL, its amazing and challenging. We've enjoyed performing in Atlanta for a year now.
I'm also Directing an animated short entitled "Feel Free" and writing a full length screenplay that I hope will be my debut feature.

BT: How important is it to you that women are celebrated in Entertainment and or any other profession?
CR: When I saw people like Dianne Ashford and Angi Bones of Symmetry Entertainment working on great projects in Atlanta, the dream became realistic to me. It was important for me to see women who looked like me living their dreams happily. That added belief to my passion, not to mention genius female directors like Julie Dash,Yvette Lee Bowser, and Oscar Winner Kathryn Bigelow.
Its important because young women who are new to their profession need to see the trail that has been blazed before them... and see it CLEARLY.

BT: If you could contribute to the advancement of women, what would you do?
CR: I would keep striving to become the best woman that I can be. Start with the woman in the mirror like Mike said, lol, if we all strive for our best personally, we all win. :)

BT: What is Beauty to you?
CR: The most beautiful people I know have God shining through them.

BT: Give us any information that you would like our readers to have. Ex: website, email, contact info, etc.

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