Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hair Goodies

Its not that often that I have the time to review products anymore. But when I do, I always enjoy it.  The latest products that I reviewed were: 1) AMIKA Obliphica Oil (Sea Buckthorn Berry) Pure oil and 2) A SEDU Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron.
I gave myself quite a bit of time to try these products, especially the oil.  I wanted to see how my hair would react to the oil in different temperatures and with different hairstyles.  I found the oil to be very light.  Only a drop was necessary to give my hair the moisture and the shine that it needed. And it smells LOVELY!

To top this review off, I not only used the Obliphica oil to give my hair moisture and shine, but also to protect it from heat from my straightening and styling irons.  The best styling iron on the market, in my opinion, is the Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron.  It's simply AMAZING!!  This iron's temperature adjusts all the way to 450 degrees (too hot for most hair types,so be careful).  Because this iron gets really hot, its best that you use at a lower temperature.  If more than 400 degrees is needed consult your hairstylist. Styling with this iron can be really fun.  Because I have layers in my hair, I enjoy flipping it.  But its great for straight and curly looks as well.
During my recent visit to the hair salon, I asked my stylist to use the oil and iron on my hair.  She loved it so much, it was easy for me to convince her to try the temperature setting on 450.  She advised me not to use the iron at 450 at home, but she agreed that  my hair could handle it as long as she was styling it herself.  I fell in love with the results and all of the stylist in the salon fell in love with my iron.  They all wanted to know where they could get one.  I simply told them, "".

*Disclaimer: All products were received for free.  This review is solely for the purpose of expressing my views and personal opinions of the above listed products.  Purchase and use at your own risk.

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