Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Get 'Lashed', BUT BE CAREFUL!!!

Eyelashes are all the craze lately.  Everyone wants fabulous lashes.  Besides growing your own, most of us like to enhance our lashes with mascara, strip lashes, individual lashes, or lash extensions.  When applying lashes or having them applied, you must be very careful around your eye area.  Here are a few tips for having Lash Extensions applied:

1) Make sure your lash extensions are applied by a licensed Esthetician or by a licensed Cosmetologist who is certified in Lash Extension training.

2) Make sure the Lash extensions are applied in a clean environment with sanitized implements.

3) Be certain that your lash extensions are applied with a medical grade adhesive.

4) Be sure that you speak to your Esthetician immediately if you have any problems or experience any irritation.

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