Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip:

For those who love to do 'Eyes 1st' before applying foundation, here is a tip to sway you to the other side...#TeamFoundation1st:

1 - Apply foundation and concealer
2 - Do not set concealer under eyes with powder (you may set the foundation if you like)
3 - Apply eye shadow
4 - Clean up any fallout from eyeshadow
5 - Conceal under eyes again if necessary

For those who apply eye shadow first, you may think that it would be easier to just apply shadow first.  Applying foundation first makes more sense, in my opinion.  If you are dealing with time and need to get the makeup finished in a hurry, its always best to have the foundation already done.  You can always go back and make little tweaks to the eyes if necessary.  Just a thought. 

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