Monday, May 09, 2011

OC Eight Mattifying Gel

As makeup artist, we are  always on 'shine patrol', especially when working on film & tv.  I'm always searching for the perfect product to control shine while working with actors/actresses on camera.  Over the 13 years of my makeup career, I've tried many anti-shine/primer type products to matte the skin.  About six years ago I found a product from one of the department store brands that worked wonderfully and was used throughout the tv/film world by makeup artists all over the country.   The product has since been discontinued now for at least three years.
After hearing that the product was discontinued, I was forced to start my search over and continue using products that I was not particularly happy with.  Most times, I would set an actor's makeup with plenty of powder.  This lasted until a fellow Esthetician friend gave me a product called 'OC Eight' to use on a particular actor that was actually one of her facial clients.  The actor's skin was one of the oilest that I've ever worked with.  The product claimed to work for eight hours.  Although the actor only worked on camera for two, the matiffying gel kept his shine away for his entire time on set.
Since then, I've used OC Eight mattifying gel on all of my clients and have seen some amazing results.  I believe in this product 100% and have recommended it to many makeup artists in the film/tv industry.  It simply WORKS (on ALL skin types)!
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