Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Beauty Tip Tuesday!!!

Puffy Eyes...

We've all asked or had clients who've asked about remedies for tired puffy eyes. Some times the question has also been combined with 'how to get rid of dark undereye circles'. We've probably offered suggestions (or have been given suggestions) similar to these....

*Apply cucumber slices over closed eyes
*Applying a cold(frozen) metal spoon over the eyes
*Apply hemorrhoid cream to the puffy undereye area
*Get more sleep
*Take iron pills
* Use concealer or foundation to cover up

I'll add a few more....

*When sleeping, elevate your head so that fluid does not settle around your eyes
*Avoid salt, which retains fluid in the body, including under the eyes
*Use Eye Creams containing Vitamin K and retinol
*Stop Smoking
*Eat properly and drink lots of water

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