Monday, February 02, 2009

Beauty Tip Of The Week

Now that you know how to 'Apply your makeup for your Face shape', now its time to learn how to 'choose makeup for your skin tone'. This begins our four week series called, "Choosing Makeup for Your Skin Tone". The skin tone that concerns alot of women......Dark Skin Tones.

Dark Skin Tones

The skin tones of some Africans, African Americans, Brazilians, Carribeans/West Indians, Latinos, Afro Latinos are characterized as 'Black skin' or 'Dark skin'. Dark skin varies in tone from light to dark. The natural tone of the skin calls for colors that are deep in pigment and are not ashy and pale in color. For example, darker skins should stay away from taupes, light pinks, and peaches on the eyes. Better choices of colors will be golds, soft browns, chocalates, darker pinks and greens. For lips, darker skins usually have dark lips, so lips look great in burgundies, wines, deep reds, dark browns, etc. For blush, some dark skinned women love to wear brown, bronzey, and very dark burgundy blush colors. They should stay away from those colors on the cheeks. Those colors can tend to look a little 'muddy' or dirty on the skin. I would suggest using dark pink and plum colored blush. These are all suggestions. Feel free to use what you think looks best on you. Listed below are some suggestions of Illusions products for Dark skin tones:

Brass & Radiant Bronze Eye Dust
Coconut, Carnival, Rapture, & Spanish Moss Eyeshadow

Berry Sexy & Matador lipsticks
Mahogany(Cinematic Faves collection) & Khadijah (Young Hollywood collection) Lustre Lipglosses

Hibiscus, Rosette


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Great tips!

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