Monday, February 23, 2009

Beauty Tip Of The Week

"Choosing Makeup For Your Skin Tone"

Asian Skin Tones (India & Pakistan sub-continent)

This skin tone is the last in our series for 'Choosing Makeup for Your Skin Tone'. Next week starts our new series on 'Choosing Makeup for Your Skin Type'. This ties in nicely with our next Blog Talk Radio show which airs March 5, 2009 at 9pm. The show features Dr. Angelo Thrower. Tune in to (More on this later).

Indian and Pakistanian asian skin tones are characterized by their yellow skin tones. There is no guessing game as to what foundation color to use (for some anyway). When you see Indian women, they are wearing beautiful burgundies, greens and other rich jewel tones. Other colors such as browns can appear a little more natural on this Asian skin tone. Oranges and reds (on the eyes) should be avoided. Smokey eyeliner is stunning. Lips look great with reds of course as well as deep browns.

Some suggestions of Illusion Cosmetics (

Radiant Bronze Eye dust
Rapture, Clydesdale, and Spanish Moss eyeshadows

Matador Red and Bronze Shimmer Lipsticks
Brownie Lipstix

IC3, IC4, IC6

This was a fun series. I look forward to next week. If you have any skin care questions, please comment on this blog or email me at Thanks!

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BVB said...

Will this work for Middle Eastern skintones as well?

Beauty Talk With Illusions said...

Yes! It most certainly will. Middle Eastern women definitely fall into this skin tone category. Thanks for your question. Be Beautiful & Blessed!!