Monday, March 02, 2009

Beauty Tip Of The Week

"Choosing Makeup For Your Skin Type"

This weekly series comes in perfect time for our Blog Talk Radio Show with Dr. Angelo P. Thrower (medical doctor specializing in skin care for Women of Color) on Thursday, March 9th at 9pm at

The condition of your skin varies from day to day. It can change at any given time depending on your emotions, your health, and the conditions of the environment (sun, wind, etc). No one has the same skin as any one else. The first skin condition that we will explore is 'oily skin'.

Oily Skin

If You have an oily skin type, you do not want to use products that are creme based. This will add more oil to the skin resulting in greater problems. This skin type should use powder based products. Powder products won't crease on oily skin. This skin type, as well as all others, should follow a cleansing routine every morning and every night. Cleansing at night is especially important to rid the skin of excess oil, dirt, grime, and makeup. Proper cleansing will aid in preventing blemishes and blackheads.

Some Suggestions on Illusions products to use on oily skin:

Eyeshadow Base (primer) - liquid to powder formula - $10 - prepares the eyes to hold eyeshadow as well as prevents oily eye lids.

Anti-Shine Serum - $22 - formulated with silica shells to make shine vanish

Until the next time, Be Beautiful & Blessed!!

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