Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Choosing An Eye Makeup Remover

What's the best eye makeup remover? This is a question often asked of makeup artist. I believe choosing the best eye makeup remover depends on the effectiveness of the product. A good eye makeup remover should be gentle, free of soap and able to remove all eye makeup products including waterproof mascara. Its important to remember that a regular makeup remover will not remove all traces of eye makeup so its important that the eye makeup remover be delicate and non-irritating because its being used in the delicate eye area. When using the eye makeup remover, apply a small amount on a cotton pad and gently wipe. Illusions Cosmetics sells a wonderful Oil-Free Eye Makeup remover blended with Aloe and Chamomile. Check it out at www. Illusionsbeauty.com.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Smokey Eyes

I received an email asking how to create a smokey eye. This question has been asked of makeup artist over and over again. First things first, dont be afraid to experiment! Always apply a little color and then build (add to it). The trick to a smokey eye is all in the color of the eyeshadow as well as placement of the color. The shadow can be placed on the eyelid and brought slightly into the crease. Shadow can also be applied on the lower eyelid (under the eye) as liner. Colors that can be used are black, dark blue, charcoal grey,burgundy, brown, etc. Some colors from Illusions Cosmetics that can be used are : Black Magic, Java, Black -N-Blue, Shiraz, Charcoal Grey, Chocalate Kisses, and Graphite. Of course after applying shadow, and mascara, a gel eyeliner from Illusions in Black Out and Black Plum would complete the look.