Friday, December 14, 2007

"Are you finding everything okay?"

"Are you finding everything okay?" This is the question that you often hear whenever you are walking the aisles of Ulta Cosmetics and Salon and Sephora. "Are you finding everything okay?" Well, ARE you? I often wonder if you are. Women visit these retail establishments everyday searching for the perfect foundations, concealers, shadows, liners, and lipsticks. They often come in thinking that they know exactly what they are looking for, but in actuality they have no clue. Most women depend on the 'so called' experts to give advice on products that some of them really dont know anything about. Most of the sales associates and beauty consultants will push the same products to every customer that walks into the store. Do they all really need it? NO!!! Those products are just the ones that they feel comfortable talking about. The next time you visit an Ulta and Sephora, do your homework beforehand. Know what you are looking for, and actually look up the different brands online. Have an idea of the products that you want and then go into the store and find someone who can properly demonstrate it for you or play with it yourself. Be able to tell the associate what you know about the product, so that they are not just trying to make a sale, but actually educate you on the product. EDUCATE!!! Now, there's a word for you! You should always be willing to buy products from those who are willing to educate you on them. If you understand how a product works and how to apply it, then it's the product that you want to buy. Why? Because you will use it!!! Be Blessed!!!