Thursday, July 14, 2011

IMATS 2011 - The Kickoff Event

Brushes, brushes, and more brushes.   I was so grateful to have been invited to the Pre-IMATS event sponsored and presented by Royal & Langnickel (  The event started at 3pm on Friday afternoon (IMATS eve).  It was so nice to be greeted by the R&L crew who were so very friendly.   They treated us to mini manicures, makeovers, wine, tasty treats, as well as a limited edition brush set created just for the event attendees.   The limited edition set was created by Kevin James Bennett and made of synthetic brush hairs.  I thought about being REALLY NICE and giving them away to a makeup 'newbie'........NOT!!!  They felt too good to give away.  I will add them to my collection of synthetic brushes instead.  This is the route that I'm taking with my brushes anyway.   My main reason for buying brushes with synthetic hairs is that they are cruelty free.  And why not use cruelty free brush hairs when they feel and are just as nice as animal hair brushes. R&L has some pretty nice choices of synthetic brushes too.  Out of approximately 500 brushes (most people don't believe I have that many), at least 60 are synthetic.  My very last purchase at IMATS was of Royal & Langnickel's Silk Green Line.
Here are a few pics of the event.    Thanks Michael & MaryAnne for a great experience.

Limited Edition brush set for attendees

Collection of Body brushes from Vargas

Vargas Bodypainting