Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Week

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is characterized by skin irritation and a low tolerance for certain product ingredients. This condition is year round and not seasonal. Listed below are some tips in treating sensitive skin.
1) Read product labels - search for fragrance free products
2) Use sunscreens with zinc oxide
3) Use creamy cleansers and moisturizers
4) Cleanse morning and night with lukewarm water
5) Moisturize while skin is damp
6) Use acne medications and/or anti-aging products no more than once per week
7) Get facials occassionally (inform Esthetician of sensitive skin)
8) Avoid areas where the air is dry (use humidifiers in your home if necessary)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Week

TIP: If engaged in outdoor activities in the Winter, use an oil based product to keep skin hydrated. Water based products can cause the skin to feel a tingling/burning sensation which may be a result of the water-based products freezing on the skin. Using a heavier moisturizer creates a barrier between your skin and the elements (cold weather). Always use a lip balm and drink plenty of water. The skin is hydrated when the body is hydrated.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beauty Leftovers: Making The Transition

This fall promises to bring ‘Fall’ back in a big way, especially with its fashions. So, why should beauty be any different? Fall fashions are using some of our summer pieces and adding layers over them. For example, peep toe shoes worn alone in the summer will now be worn with matching tights. Also, bow-neck blouses will be worn with dressy plaid or tweed slacks with glossy leather belts. As far as makeup goes, some makeup can be ‘recycled’ from the summer and used in the fall. Makeup looks will transition from being a warm bronzy look of the summer to a warm natural look in the fall. Basically, some of the trends from the Spring/Summer of this year will remain popular in the fall season.
The trends forecasted for the fall of this year are earth tones. Now, just because certain colors are forecasted, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear them. We encourage women to continue doing what they have started doing lately, and that’s being themselves. Women are starting to do and wear what makes them comfortable. Continue to do that. If you like to do the popular things, then follow the trends. Here we go…… Trends forecasted for fall 2008 are as follows:
Earth tone eye shadows such as brown, green, gray (not bright shades, but natural shades of these colors).
Your lips should be kept very natural with shades of brown, pink, pinky-browns, and peach.
Our advice for blush - Use it!!!! During the fall, most people are coming back to their natural skin tone, so the bronzed look of summer no longer applies. You will need some color in the skin to bring balance to your makeup look.
When using blush, use natural tones for your specific skin type.
Some suggestions of colors from Illusions Cosmetics ( are:
Eyes – Bronze, Olive Gold, and Brass Eye dust. Spanish moss, Celebrity, Coconut, and Charcoal Gray eye shadows
Lips – Dream girls Luster Lip gloss, Sequin and Brownie Luster Lipstick, Mocha Ice and Brown Shimmer Lipstick
Blush – Ginger, Hibiscus, and Pink Ice
All color suggestions are for different skin tones. Please visit the website at to select colors specifically for you. If you need assistance, please email We would be more than happy to assist in your color selections. Until next time, Be Beautiful and Blessed!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Week

Most women wonder how to enhance their eyes and some assume that you enhance your eyes with tons of black eyeliner. Enhancing the eyes are simple.

TIP: Try a pair of eyelashes. They are simple and easy to use. Sometimes choosing the wrong pair for the wrong occassion can be a bad thing. For everyday wear, choose a pair of lashes that are natural in length.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask Illusions

Q. When I wear my makeup (foundation), by mid day it appears to have faded away. How can I make my makeup (foundation) stay on longer throughout the day? - Minister Twanda Prielou, Balto., MD

A. My first suggestion would be that if you have oily skin, make sure your skin care products are for oily skin and not adding extra moisture to your face. You could try using anti-shine serum or gel to mattify any oily spots on the face. Also, adding a foundation primer to your makeup routine would help your problem of disappearing foundation. A foundation primer will increase the wear and longevity of your foundation. It also helps with filling in any fines lines (thats always a good thing). Last but not least, always set your foundation with a powder. This helps to keep that foundation base in place. I hope this helps. Send us an email and let us know. If you have any more questions or need any skin care or makeup advice, please feel free to email us at with 'Ask Illusions' as the subject. As always, Be Beautiful and Blessed!
- Denise

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Day

When attending that next big event, remember, less is best when deciding on your makeup look.

TIP: When applying makeup for a special event, keep your makeup to a minimum. Play up your eyes if you wish, but down play everything else. Allow your outfit and hair to be the focus. Your natural beauty will come across loud and clear.

* Take a look at my friend and actress Kaira Akita (formerly Kaira Whitehead) at the premiere of her new movie 'Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys'. She worked the red carpet to perfection: Hair, makeup, and her wardrobe was FABULOUS!!!

Beauty Tip Of The Week

As the seasons change, so should your skin care products., especially your moisturizer. Cooler weather will require you to use products that will give your skin more moisturizer.
Tip: As Fall approaches, consider changing your moisturizer.
Suggestion: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer (with or without sunscreen).

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ask Illusions

"Ask Illusions"
This is a section in the Illusions Newsletter that we would like to start including in our blog. Now that the new name for the blog is 'Beauty Talk With Illusions', we would like to use the blog to not only give beauty tips and review great products, but also to answer some of your questions. To submit your questions and or thoughts, please email

Beauty Tip Of The Week

Tip: Apply makeup only where you need it.
We are often asked questions about how and where to apply certain cosmetic products. If you have great skin and feel the need to cover under eye circles, then just apply concealer under your eyes and don't apply anything else. You don't have to follow the rules (makeup) if they don't apply!!!

Be Beautiful and Blessed!!
Denise & Janice