Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SPRING 2015 Bridal Beauty Tips

Spring 2015 Bridal Beauty Tips

Bridal season is rapidly approaching. Illusions Cosmetics wants to help you create a beautiful makeup look by sharing a few Bridal makeup tips.  Following these tips will help you to create makeup looks that you will treasure on your wedding day and years to come in your wedding video and photos.  Your skin should be healthy and refreshed.  All facial waxing (brows, lip, chin) should be done at least two weeks before the big day.  Only minor cleanup should be done, if necessary, on the day of the wedding.   Cheek color should be very subtle with shades of peach and pinks.   Pastels and shades of caramels and browns can be used on the eyes for a soft look.   Pinks, corals, reds, and wines should be used to give the lips a pop of color.  Your wedding look should not look like your everyday makeup look.  There should definitely be a difference in what you apply and how much you apply.  Apply enough foundation to give you the proper coverage for your photos.  The remaining tips are more suggestions on making your big day perfect.

1. Apply a makeup primer before applying foundation on your wedding day. The primer forms a barrier between your skin and the makeup and it helps the makeup stay on all day.
2. Avoid trendy eye shadow colors so that your makeup won't look dated in your wedding photos.
3. Get your makeup professionally applied.  It makes a huge difference in your photos
4. Use water proof mascara.
5. Using a charcoal, navy or mahogany eye liner will look a lot softer than black or brown liners that often have a severe look.
6. Pale lip colors will make you look washed out with a white gown; therefore try brighter lip colors on your wedding day.
7. Avoid using eye shadows with shimmer
8. Prime the eye so that eye shadow will last all day.
9. Use foundations with a yellow undertone, they create a warm, healthy appearance in photos.

10. Avoid alcohol and certain foods, the night before your wedding.  Misuse of alcohol will have you looking less than your best on your wedding day.


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